The Skill of Listening

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Sales is all about relationship building and good communication is at the heart of every relationship. Being a good listener and having the ability to ask appropriate and relevant questions is essential to a good relationship. The sophisticated salesperson understands that in order to truly help a customer they must practice good listening and question habits. Many of us just … Read More

Great Salespeople Have “Big Picture” Solutions

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At Commonwealth Growth Strategies, we specialize in helping companies increase their revenues and profits. Our skills and experience in consulting from a “big picture” point of view have always been key factors in our clients’ strategic growth. Yet if you think about it for a moment, this is no different from than virtually all good salespeople do every day. We … Read More

I Sure Wish That All My Customers Were Like…..

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I am sure that every salesperson that we have worked with has a favorite customer who epitomizes the person they would like at all their accounts. These are the people who are great to work with and in every sense, help define a good business relationship or partnership. These individuals know what they are trying to accomplish with near term … Read More

There Is Always a Competitor Who Has An Eye On Your Customer’s Business

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Written by Alan McAnally- In an analysis by CommonWealth Growth Strategies of our client’s customers a short while ago, we determined that approximately 35% of the companies and individuals that we spoke with actually questioned some or all of the value that they were receiving from several of our own clients. This is a very scary statistic, especially since providing … Read More

Are you a Salesician™?

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There’s finally a word that describes all of us, the individual that understands the true psychology of sales, the one who knows what to say next without thinking. Do you just overcome objections or are you the one who understands how to prevent them from happening? Are you the one that gets the customer to close themselves? Do you close … Read More