Performance Management & Evaluation Programs

Why Are Sales Performance Appraisals So Important?

Too often, salespeople are evaluated on short term results against objectives that were randomly set. Performance management programs that lead to continuous improvement and well documented appraisals are critical to the long term success and development of key sales professionals. Many start up, small, and medium companies do not have the infrastructure to effectively evaluate and develop their team members, leading to confusion and turnover.

CommonWealth can develop programs that focus on teaching team members how to understand and analyze their business, while exceeding goals and objectives. These plans will increase tenure of employees, productivity, and overall development. Our plans are also designed to identify problematic areas for the sales professionals and help them address the issues to enhance performance. The Performance Action Guide is a sure fire way to keep salespeople on track focusing on making improvements in behavior, skill, or attitude.


Lets discuss how our performance programs can benefit your organization.

Appraisal Processes Tailored To Salespeople

A top producing salesperson sales and profit contributions won’t always illuminate and then measure other important traits and behavior. Consider:

  • How well suited is the individual for future management positions?
  • Does this individual contribute to a positive sales team environment?
  • What are the individual’s areas of strengths and weaknesses?
  • What compensation increases should you consider?

Tailoring evaluations specifically for a salesperson’s job is important. Even within companies that have formal personnel appraisal and performance systems, it is common for them to evaluate salespeople by the same criteria that they use for administrative, operations or support personnel. In the real world of sales and marketing, we don’t think that this makes a lot of sense.