Salesician™ Networking Group

A place where sales experts meet

Ask any top seller or sales manager and they will tell you what made them great; engaging with people and learning from others. Our Salesician Networking Group is a fertile ground of ideation and experiential wisdom. We created this platform to help results-driven salespeople learn from their peers – commiserate and educate – and build the sales and leadership skills they need to excel. This is designed for top-selling sales professionals to sharpen their skills and expand their connections.


Find out how you can become part of our networking group.

Build knowledge, confidence and performance amongst your peers

Theory and training are always important in learning your craft but nothing compares to the lessons learned from others with similar experience in the trenches. This is Salesician’s top priority.

Each Salesician Networking group is facilitated by a certified sales expert with years of experience in various sales industries. They possess years of proven success and are verified to be of the top 10% in their organizations. Our certified sales expert’s top priority is their commitment to each group

Program Benefits include:

  • Monthly, sales networking group meetings led by a certified sales expert
  • Attend 6 monthly group workshops led by Salesician expert facilitators
  • Access to weekly and monthly online subscriptions, best practices library

*Individual Sales Success coaching
*additional fee may be required