Sales Coaching

There are several ways to define the concept of sales coaching. And then when you do, the question arises as to what it is as opposed to sales training and sales consulting.

Sales coaching is the empowering of an individual to learn, grow and improve their sales performance by clearly defining their goals, creating a strategy and providing regular guidance to ensure the best results are achieved.

The way that we see it is that sales coaching is when companies seek assistance. It can be in developing a uniform and working company culture, as well as developing the right attitudes, priorities and behaviors. It is designed to have a high and measurable impact on the participants, who are targeted to become the best sales leaders that they can. The goals are to improve the sustainable sales results over a long period of time. It also should provide clarity and focus to frame the decisions needed to succeed.

Sales coaching gives you the tools to prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again. It can accentuate your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses during the process of becoming a high level producer. Sales coaching is about structure and support… encouragement if you will… to reach your business and personal targets.


Talk to our experts about how we can tailor a coaching plan for your specific organization.

Unlike common sales consulting and sales training approaches, coaching is generally more personalized and focused on the individuals who make up the sales organization. Although coaching is sometimes conducted at team or company levels, most coaching is accomplished in small groups or as is common, one to one sessions.

Most training is an event, a meeting, or an assignment. It is done over a short period, usually a day or two, and can be quite effective. Consulting is on the other hand oriented to the organization itself rather than the individual. Both are important yet there is a time and place yet there can be a time and place for all three.

One of the keys to effective sales coaching is learning about and selecting the right type of program for you or your organization. We can provide customized programs or those specifically oriented to one-on-one activities, sales presentations, sales management, new hires, and entire teams. There are as many programs as there are client needs.