Sales and Incentive Compensation

An effective sales compensation plan is the cornerstone of your success

Productive sales organizations have many things in common. But what consistently stands out is that there is a compensation philosophy that translates into a plan that motivates and drives the sales force. The participants’ enthusiasm for their plan is wholeheartedly shared by the company’s management; good plans become engrained into the culture of the company.

CommonWealth Growth Strategies focuses on providing you with plans that work

They are based upon simplicity, commonsense and most importantly, a commitment to complement your company’s strategic and tactical goals and objectives. We develop sales compensation plans from concept to implementation or as is often the case, update and improve upon what you already have.


Lets talk about the benefits an effective compensation plan can have on your organization.

Our specialty is working with start-ups, small, and medium-sized firms

We understand that, for many firms, selecting a consultant of any type can be a bewildering or even intimidating process. This is how we can help you. We will either work with you directly or we will point you in the right direction.

Company goals and objectives and compensation plans go hand-in-glove

We will ensure that your sales compensation plan will achieve these basic goals. We will give you a plan that will reinforce , support and encourage your ability to reach your sales and profit goals. It will also be cost effective.