Sales Compensation Consulting Process

Sales compensation plan development calls for preparation and homework. This preliminary work ensures that our time together will be productive from the very beginning. Getting started is easy if the initial steps are carefully planned.

First, we hold our initial discussions with senior management. This is done either in person or on the telephone. Together, we then determine the best way to proceed.

Next, we ask you to assemble and send us pertinent information related to your sales group.

Some examples are:

  • Strategic and business goals
  • Sales assignments or territories
  • Sales performance results
  • Strategic and business plans for sales
  • Current compensation plan(s)
  • Individual salesperson compensation for previous two years

Finally, we analyze the information and schedule an initial workshop meeting with you. We review concepts, past results, and future direction. For the simplest plans, this first meeting can result in a preliminary draft compensation plan based upon our Six Step Process.


Our proven consulting process can positively impact your organization, and help you reach your goals.