Recruiting Quality Sales Talent

Build the Best Sales Team

The CommonWealth approach to recruiting top sales talent is centered on maintaining the personal touch. We recognize employers and job seekers alike are frustrated with a recruitment process that does not always recognize top talent or find appropriate employer/employee matches with ease.

Since we are experts in sales consulting and optimizing processes and revenue, we are well aware that the right people with the right attitude, experience, and education are crucial to sales success. There is no rubber stamp, quota-driven recruiting process, but a careful analysis to match the right people with the right companies. We are not in the game of filling positions, but building sales success.

At CommonWealth, we bring that personal touch back to the process. We personally screen and fully vet potential employees then arm them with skills and the appropriate coaching. Most significant, we will listen to the needs of the employer, seek to understand the goals and objectives of the organization, and work diligently to match the optimal candidate with the right business. We seek to fuel the growth of the organizations to which we are providing assistance.

All candidates will have the following qualifications verified to match your needs:
• Completed Sales Quality Assessment
• Verified references
• Verified top talent
• Training and follow up to help ensure success

We pride ourselves on providing:

  • 90 day guarantee of having made the proper match
  • Guaranteed time savings to employers, providing only three qualified candidates for each open position
  • A valuable service to job seekers based on honest feedback and respectful interaction