Corporate Meeting Planning and Team Building Events

Motivate, Inspire, and Drive your teams with outstanding meetings and team building events!

At CommonWealth Growth Strategies, we understand the significance of a great sales meeting and the impact it can have on performance. Our unique approach to these events will have your teams soaring for months. It’s all about these three key ingredients: Content, Preparation, and Entertainment.

  • Content: CommonWealth experts will help you plan the content that will ignite your salesforce. With a combination of training, motivation, and objective setting, we’ll help provide the meat that is necessary to create a substantive agenda.
  • Preparation: As important as content, how the material is presented often makes the difference between an acceptable meeting performance vs. a stellar meeting that employees will talk about for months. Our experts will coach key leaders in presenting material in a motivational, interactive, and fun way.
  • Entertainment: Keeping the meeting fresh and vibrant is critical and this can be accomplished throughout the meeting and well into the evening activities. CommonWealth believes that entertainment is part of the equation to keep employees engaged and excited. We have multiple options and connections to put the “icing on the cake!”
In addition to major meeting planning, CommonWealth is ready to help you with individual team building activities for small or large groups. Time commitment of these activities can be an hour, an afternoon, a full day, a week….whatever is appropriate to your group! Whatever they are, we’ll make them fun and engaging all the while being focused on helping your team understand the path to improving performance and working on objectives as a team.


Talk to one of our experts about how we can create an effective and memorable event for your organization.