We work with many types of firms, long established or just starting up phase. If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you will benefit in speaking with us:


  • Are you a smaller or mid-size company that thinks you could benefit but are wary of big consulting firms and big fees?
  • Does your sales effort need to be focused, or re-focused, to better meet your company’s overall goals?
  • Is your approach to sales and other incentive compensation not motivating your teams or causing turnover and making it difficult to recruit top qualified talent?
  • Do you have underperforming teams that could benefit from sophisticated training and further develop, thus enhancing performance?
  • Are you seeking more structure and accountability for your sales teams?
  • Is your executive team capable of taking your organization to the next level of success, or could the team use more development and effective team interaction?
  • Are you tired of losing out on recruiting the best talent or do you find your recruitment process arduous and full of gatekeepers?
  • Would you like to conduct a professional, exciting sales meeting filled with relevant content, inspirational speakers, and entertaining team building activities?


  • Are you a sales professional or leader who wants assistance with the art of networking?
  • Would you like to surround yourself with people like you who you can learn from in a safe and open environment?
  • Are you a sophisticated and top sales person or leader looking for the next step in your career?


Find out how CommonWealth Growth Strategies can benefit your organization.