Salesician™ Institute of Training and Leadership Development

Everyone has a sales training course, but at CommonWealth Growth Strategies, training is a process. It’s not just a day out of the office. Our experts, with over a combined sixty years of experience in training, developed training programs to challenge all levels of sales and sales related professionals. We don’t just provide training and hope your team learns the content, we provide follow up to help ensure the success of your team.

With a focus on sophisticated selling in an era of more savvy customers, our program will provide in-depth training on the following:

  • Neutralizing objections before they occur
  • Enhanced listening and questioning skills to surpass the competition
  • Customer service improvements to reinforce the commitment and retention level of your clients
  • Numerous individual topic modules that enable our clients to customize a training program that is right for them!
  • Weekly follow-up with the sales team

Our programs also focus on the development of leadership for improved results and a more productive sales team. We will help you “build the bench” on which your future will rely. Coupled with recruitment of strong talent, we will assist your hand selected professionals in building the necessary skills to take on higher levels of leadership within your organization.


Learn more about our program and the SALESICIAN™ advantage.