Are you a Salesician™?

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There’s finally a word that describes all of us, the individual that understands the true psychology of sales, the one who knows what to say next without thinking. Do you just overcome objections or are you the one who understands how to prevent them from happening? Are you the one that gets the customer to close themselves? Do you close a transaction or are you the one that develops a lifelong relationship? If so you are a Salesician™. By definition Salesician™ means sales expert. Salesicians™ unite!!!!

2 Comments on “Are you a Salesician™?”

  1. Selling has evolved over the past decade. People require a more sophisticated sales professional before they’ll make the decision! Go to the networking tab and find out how to learn more from the experts!

  2. I love this concept! With so much information at their fingertips, today’s customers are much more educated and, in turn, expect a much more sophisticated salesperson. As such, we as professional salespeople need to up our game to provide our customers the level of service and satisfaction they require.

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